Autism single parent dating

25-Aug-2020 04:04

.I don't know how many times I could have used one of those, the looks and comments in the grocery store for example when my son would lay on the floor and just scream, I have always held my composure, but now when I think of that business card I am going to smile.

She is moderate, and can take basic care of herself, not alone of course.Anyways applause to all of u parents with special needs kids.. and when people stop to stare she just hands them the card..It say "Hi my name is Brandon, I have a Disorder called Autism. Think that she has to go through this on a Daily Basis.. Please Remember this before making any comments."A huge round of applause to this one!!!*insert huge sigh*)I think my biggest concern is meeting someone like my friend who "gets it," simply because so many don't. I am also an Administrative Assistant at an Autism Centre and have been here for many years.

Anyway, I'm interested in reading other responses too. I have seen alot of strategies that work and fail and have had alot of luck in behavioral and sensory ideas for my own boys. I have a 4 year old autistic son and I love the idea about the card...His dad never went to the drs appointments with him, never bothered to understand what's going on, was never supportive of me or my efforts to deal with him... He's a little bit better now, but still doesn't know the challenges we face daily. I don't like the kids being involved only because they have gone thru so much in the last 2 yrs that they don't need a mom with a revolving door and a string of strangers coming and going in their lives right now.