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It’s no exaggeration to say that American Indian women are missing from most media coverage, history books and classroom discussions.But at least journalism students, instructors and state educators in Nebraska are doing something to help end America’s ignorance of Native women and the contributions they make to their communities, their tribes and to the nation as a whole.Typically, matrilineal extended families of about 15 persons ("outfits"), comprising an older woman and her husband, their daughters and sons-in-law, and grandchildren, resided in a harsh environment in isolated, poorly ventilated, one-room wood and mud dwellings with dirt floors ("hogans").

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Furthermore, a patient may not make an individual choice, but may follow family or community preferences, including use of alternative therapies offered by traditional healers.

Members of a group typically share beliefs about etiologies of diseases and what actions to take in response, or "explanatory models." The decision to seek treatment not only reflects cultural, gender, and individual beliefs about etiology, but also is influenced by the meaning of seeking help.