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MY heart goes out to all the Hadley family, especially, my dear friend, Kathy!!! The best comfort I can offer is from our Heavenly Father.Cherish all the wonderful memories you all have shared! He promises that He will bring our loved ones back to life. Very soon He will intervene and restore the Earth to paradise conditions, (Isaiah 11:6-9) where, among many other magnificent blessings for righteous humankind, He will do away with sickness, death and sorrow permanently.Dear Lorene and Family, Johnny was a wonderful person and never had an unkind word to say about anyone. His heart was pained by their great sadness that he broke down and cried (John ). Everyone was so joyful at having Lazarus back with them.What a blessing it was to us to call him our friend. This example is to hopefully give you assurance that he will also resurrect your Mother. all those in the memorial tomb will hear his voice and come out.” The resurrection hope acts as an anchor.Love and Prayers, Rosa Johnny was a kind hearted, gentleman who loved his family and friends.It didn’t matter how well Johnny knew you, if you needed something, he would find a way to help.I hope after reading this it will be of some comfort to each one of you. I rented an apartment from him in his apartment house in Palm Beach. Ted: I now know where you learned to have the heart and caring of others came from. We met later during our tour in Ramstein AFB in the middle 60's as young Staff Sgts assigned to the 526th flying Sq. I retired after 20 years and Al put in another 10 years or so. Our sincerest condolences go to you Lyn, Bernice, Melissa, Doug, Kathy and girls. May you think of the many beautiful memories that Barbara, left to cherish. When I worked with her years ago at Bonworth, she always had stories to tell me about my daddy. I could go in either store and be in a not so good mood and come out happy. Our loss here on Earth but Heaven's gain, She was an angel here but God was ready for her. I worked briefly at Sam's Club and got to know her and be friends. And words can not express the love Bobby had for her father and mother. You and I made some great memories and I was truly blessed to have you in my life. I KNOW THAT SHE WILL BE TREMENDOUSLY MISSED PRAYER TO ALL OF YOU Tom was a friend that I had known and looked up to for many, many years.

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He was a special man and made volunteering so much fun. Just know, he is a much better place and is not suffering now and we will see him again.

One summer our lawn mower stopped working and to get it repaired would take too much money.

At that time, we did not have the money to replace it anytime soon.

To know that there is a better future awaiting those we have lost in death, where the issues, such as sickness and death that plague us today, will be things of the past is comforting.

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I hope these scriptures give you strength to endure the difficult days ahead.You all have been and will continue to be in my Thoughts & Prayers. (Isaiah ) (Rev 21:4) Never again will humans shed tears from losing a loved one; instead there will be tears from the pure joy and ecstasy experienced when welcoming back lost loved ones. May the beautiful memories and the legacy of love and compassion that she has left to you all, bring comfort and strength as you walk on this leg of the journey without her. From the CGG congregation in Trinidad (in the Caribbean). I hope you will find some comfort in these bible scriptures at Acts and John -29 that gives us hope of seeing them again in the coming resurrection.

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