Accommodating resistance training machines

21-Aug-2020 18:07

As you descend the weight down, be sure to not let your knee bend internally, instead keep your knee directly in line with ball of your foot.Do not allow your knee to go past your toes while descending.From here, the athlete pushes the legs inward against the pads until the legs are together and then, under control, allow the legs to go as far apart as possible, repeat movement.Do not jerk the weight, or relax during the movement at all.Otherwise, they cause more harm than good without proper supervision and coaching.Therefore, I am leaving some of the most advanced exercises out.Finally, bring the weight down until your knee is at a 90-degree bend, and push the weight to an almost locked out position.

That said, the list below is only a START; it is for the beginner and requires little or no weight room experience.

Be in control and feel the hip abductor muscles working.

Do 3 sets of 15 reps, making the last set tough and near failure.

This post only deals with the beginner list first, my next post will reveal an intermediate list, and then another that will cover an advanced list.

In most fitness clubs, there are always a host of machines, the leg press is one of them and provides the beginner with a great leg workout without having to learn a bunch of technique. A player must increase the strength in their legs to move more efficiently for longer periods of time.As an old saying goes, “with new levels, there’s new Devils”, and the avid tennis player will sooner or later experience this saying. At the highest levels of tennis, strength and fitness become more and paramount.

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