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Sophia has an immense admiration for the athlete turned public persona.

In 2016, the finance major told her Malibu-based school’s newspaper Pepperdine Graphic that Caitlyn's transition 'made it so much more real for [me], like normal and successful people do this and people are OK when they do it.''I’ve always had the question of "Do I want to transition from male to female?

She was present the night that Gary Allen Hinman was murdered, but played no role in the actual killing of any individuals. committed suicide in 1993 at the age of 37, with the cause of death a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

His mother, Manson's ex-wife Rosalie Jean Willis, changed his name to Jay White after she divorced the cult leader.

And they arrived back in Los Angeles together last Monday, only further fueling the romance reports.

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Later in the will, Manson noted: 'I'm not in the best spot to rest in peace.'Manson was making money of his likeness while in prison, with a New York Times article revealing back in 1993 that the man who convinced his followers to embark on a two-night murder spree that left Sharon Tate and others dead was getting 10 cents for every shirt one surf shop was selling in California.

Charles Manson pulled off one last shocking move just days after his death, with TMZ reporting that the convicted murderer left his entire estate to a pen pal he began communicating with just 20 years ago.

That individual, who did not want to be named, said that he began writing Manson in the 90s and finally got a letter back in 1997 from the cult leader.

He wrote in the will that there are over 100 songs total he owns the rights to, though he did not name any of them in the document.

Manson identified himself as a 'single man' with two known children, sons Michael Brunner and Charles Manson Jr.The will was witnessed and signed by Roger Dale Smith, a fellow inmate who earned the nickname 'pincushion' because he was stabbed so many times while in the custody of the California prison system.